Electric Vacuum Sealer Machine

Electric Vacuum Sealer Machine

Electric Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Electric Vacuum Sealer Machine With 10pcs Food Saver Bags 220V 110V Household Automatic Food Vacuum Packaging Machine



Our vacuum sealer machine extends the life of foods by removing most of the air from sealed containers and prevents fresh air escaping into the sealed containers, thereby reducing oxidation and helps preserve flavor and overall quality.It also helps inhibit the growth of aerobic microorganisms,which can lead to the problems noted below under certain conditions.


One touch food vacuum sealer machines operation and easy to use, Open automatic food sealer saver and put the bag into vacuum chamber, When the red light tums green again sealing is completed and ensure your safety. The food saver machine with one touch you can seal only or vacuum and seal your bags.


The vacuum sealer for food supports 2-in-1 function combined with vacuum and sealing for dry & moist food. This professional level food vacuum sealer machine for food preservation lets you choose the intensity of your vacuuming and options to deal with dry and moist foods. Food sealer machines- A must-have assistant for life & kitchen. Also can pack important documents, jewelry, or other objects.


YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY. Our automatic food sealer saver has external exhaust and water inlet are added, keep reliability of the food sealer machine.Mold-Mold cannot grow in a low oxygen environment ;therefore vacuum packing can virtually eliminate it.


100% 1 YEARS WARRANTY. Our vacuum sealing system Safety with FDA Approved.
We guarantee offer the best customer service in vacuum packing machine possible and always stand behind our product. If you have any problem of our food sealer, please feel free to contact us and we will sort things out for you as soon as possible.

Cleaning and Maintenance      

1. Always unplug the unit before cleaning the appliance.
2. Do not immerse it in water or any other liquid.
3. Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the unit,as they will scratch the surface.
4. Wipe the outside of the unit with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent
5. To clean the inside of the unit,wipe away any food or liquid with a paper towel.
6. Dry thoroughly before using it again.

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